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Wide-body business class
Ascent is a full lie-flat business class suite modularly developed for wide-body aircraft, bringing luxury automotive seating standards to commercial aviation passengers. Focusing on passenger comfort and ergonomics, we designed Ascent with thoughtful touches for wellness, sleeping and productivity. Winner of the International Yacht & Aviation Award and Good Design Award, this innovative design is a new benchmark for craftsmanship and comfort.
Ascent meets the needs of business passengers traveling alone, wanting complete privacy with a sliding aisle privacy door on each suite as standard to ensure complete seclusion from the rest of the cabin. For passengers traveling together, the outboard center suites become a shared space when the privacy divider is fully lowered, creating the ‘Cabana Suite’ where couples can enjoy a movie or meal together in an open, social space.
The Ascent wide-body premium front-row suite offers an elevated luxury experience for passengers. Upon entering the premium front row suite, passengers enjoy an abundance of space with generous stowage options that include a wardrobe for hanging coats, floor-level storage for carry-on luggage and a shoe stowage compartment. Seamlessly integrated within the existing Ascent business class cabin, the premium front-row suite is an innovative solution that provides enhanced features for VIP passengers.
Narrow-Body business class
Maintaining all the award-winning features of the wide-body product, Ascent narrow-body is a full lie-flat, outboard-facing business class suite specifically designed for single-aisle aircraft. Each suite offers a spacious bed, a large bi-fold meal table, wireless phone charging and a sliding aisle privacy door.  Every aspect of the Ascent narrow-body suite has been thoughtfully designed and optimized for passenger convenience and comfort.
Winner of the Industrial Design Excellence Awards, this premium front row suite features design elements typically reserved for wide-body premium cabins. With a companion seat, the front row suite becomes a space that passengers can share, like the comfort and warmth of a living room. For solo travelers, the front row suite offers flexibility in the use of space, providing ample tabletop area to use as an unconfined workplace or for relaxing pastimes. Seamlessly integrated within the Ascent narrow-body business class cabin, this premium front-row suite offers a new travel experience for narrow body travel.
Narrow-body business class
Altitude is a fully lie-flat, high density business class suite specifically developed for narrow-body aircraft. Each Altitude suite delivers exceptional comfort and personal space in all seated, lounge and bed modes. The optional privacy door provides a serene, secluded space with direct aisle access  and windows for every passenger.
Winner of the Good Design Award, the innovative row to row furniture design makes Altitude one of the most space-efficient, high density lie-flat configurations available. True to its name, Altitude takes narrow-body premium seating to new heights.
Narrow-body economy class
The Ovation Narrow-body seat has been designed with a number of features to enrich the passenger experience, and can be customized to suit your airlines operational requirements, including options for the latest Personal Electronic Device Holders and IFE provisions. The Ovation Narrow-body seat delivers a high quality comfort centric experience to your passengers.
Ovation Express is a pre-certified short lead-time economy class seat optimized specifically for Boeing 737. It has been designed as an all in one solution for the economy class cabin, delivering performance, craftsmanship and comfort within a six week lead time.
Wide-body economy class
Ovation Wide-body has been designed to offer exceptional comfort to economy class travelers. We conducted extensive ergonomic testing in the development of a new method ofrecline which allows for relaxation into a cradling position, ensuring maximum comfort.
The seat back offers a unique entertainment experience. A backlit IFE screen has been re-imagined to resemble a sleek home theater experience, and with a secondary space for a Personal Electronic Device, a multiple screen experience becomes possible.
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