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Tony Guy is Adient Aerospace’s chief executive officer (CEO), joining the company in 2023.

He is a highly motivated, results-oriented professional with a strong background in operations and manufacturing. Tony started with C&D Aerospace in 1992, staying with the company for thirty years through multiple acquisitions, working in roles in program management, operations management and leadership. His career included 2-years as a Chief Operating Officer and 4-years as the Executive Vice President of Safran Cabin.

Tony’s extensive career in aerospace, coupled with his experience in creating a new business class furniture division that grew from $0 to $120M over a five year period, aligns precisely with the current growth and direction of Adient Aerospace. He has a proven track record of helping teams achieve successful results of strategic initiatives, by implementing and using best in class practices for quality and continuous improvement.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Tony Guy
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